Life Insurance Comparison

Life Insurance Comparison

If you are looking to compare life insurance policies to either purchase a new policy or upgrade the level of cover that you currently have the first thing you will need to do is decide how much cover that you actually need.

In general people think about what financial obligations their family or dependents will have after they are gone, this will include paying for things like mortgages, rent, school fees, debts (including credit cards), loans and other general day to day living expenses, however everyones circumstances are different and you will be best placed to know your own needs.

Once you have done this you should get some quotes for the level of cover that you have decided is right for you, then when you have got these quotes you should then look to compare your life insurance quotes.

Things to generally consider when doing a life insurance comparison:

  1. Firstly look at the premiums, and whether you can afford to pay those premiums, and depending on the insurer you may be able to choose between paying fortnightly, monthly or even annually. If you do not keep up your premium payments you may not be covered.
  2. Next consider the cover features that the product offers and whether these suit your needs. This will include things like whether the policy offers advanced funeral expenses, terminal illness benefits and whether the policy pays out for death by any cause. You need to read the Product Disclosure Statements provided by the insurer to understand exactly what is and is not covered by the policy.
  3. Also consider any options that are available to add on to your policy. Some optional covers available are child cover, total and permanent disability cover, trauma cover and accidental death or serious injury cover.
  4. Finally, see what other customers think of the insurer. One way to do this is to look at the Choosi customer ratings, which are ratings by actual customers of the insurance products. We have asked people to rate their life insurance based on criteria such as value for money, level of cover and ease of purchase, so that people like you can use the information to help them decide whether a policy is right for them. Please Note: Ratings relate to all products of a specified category issued by the insurer (e.g. life insurance) of which there may be more than one, which may or may not be offered.

These four steps are a good start with a life insurance comparison, however you are best placed to determine how relevant they are to you and your circumstances.

If you have any questions you can call us, and whilst we are unable to give you any personal advice, which may include questions like whether a particular product is suitable for you, we can answer any factual questions you may have on the products available.

If you are looking to get life insurance, get a quote and compare life insurance policies with Choosi today.

These articles are provided as reference material to allow more informed decision making, but are not intended as being a complete source of information on any topic. All readers should make their own independent analysis on the topic to make sure they have considered the aspects that are important to them.

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