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  • What to look for when choosing Pet Insurance

    Posted 29/08/2012

    Pet insurance policies vary greatly in cover inclusions and exclusions. Before you purchase a policy you needs to weigh up the options and find the best policy to suit your pet and your budget.
  • Does it pay to have pet insurance

    Posted 29/08/2012

    Australia has one of the highest levels of pet insurance. This guide helps you to understand the average amount covered for a variety of illnesses and accidents and the average cost of premiums.
  • Pet Insurance: what is covered and what is not covered

    Posted 29/08/2012

    A general overview of pet insurance cover to help you to find the cover that suits your budget and your pet.
  • Pet Insurance for Dogs

    Posted 29/08/2012

    Being a dog-owner means looking after their general well being and day to day health care, as well as unexpected illness or injury. At any time, your canine companion could require medical treatment, and this comes at a financial cost.
  • Pet Insurance for Cats

    Posted 29/08/2012

    Cats are known for their independence, but they need care just as much as any other member of the family. Cats can become sick or injured, and medical treatment comes at a financial cost, that’s where cat health cover comes in.
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