Get your moustache on for Movember

Every year, men all around the world get their moustaches growing in support of Movember – an effort to raise awareness about men’s health. Movember concentrates its efforts on supporting awareness and education around the issues of prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health.

What is Movember and how can you get involved?

Movember is an independent global charity dedicated to “changing the face of men’s health” and educating more people about the common issues that men face. From November 1, men start off the month off with a clean-shaven face and then grow their hair for the following 30 days. Effectively, this turns them into a kind of walking billboard for men’s health with a variety of Movember styles being displayed throughout the month.

Friends and family can also get involved in the follicular fun by sponsoring the moustache-growing efforts, helping to raise money for health programs around the world that focus on prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. While ‘Mo Bros’ are an important part of the effort, ‘Mo Sistas’ also have an important role to play in supporting and encouraging the men in their life to take part, and they can help to raise money and awareness as well.

Turning the spotlight on men’s health

Movember is particularly great at raising awareness of the health issues that many men face, yet seldom talk about or seek support for. According to the Australian Government’s online health resource, some of the most common men’s health issues include prostate cancer, high cholesterol levels, anxiety, stress and depression.
Despite the fact that Australia’s life expectancy rate is relatively high, Australian women live longer than men by an average of five years (84 compared to 79). The most frequent causes of premature death in men range from prostate or trachea and lung cancer to diabetes, suicide, dementia and strokes. The Movember Australia website has some further hard statistics about the face of men’s health. According to their sources, more than four Australian men die every hour from conditions that could have been prevented.

Men are twice as likely to be overweight or obese as women, and one in two Australian men will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they reach the age of 85. In addition to this, the research indicates that around one in eight Australian men experience depression at some point in their life.

Looking out for your health

Looking out for your own wellbeing is an important part of staying healthy. There is a variety of health insurance policies available that can help ensure you can get the treatment you need for the health issues you may be facing and help with the costs of services such as dental, optical, physiotherapist, or other specialist treatments.

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