Health Funds and Broader Health Cover Programs

When choosing your health insurance policy, it's a good idea to look at the health fund you're thinking of joining and see what additional benefits they offer, apart from regular hospital and extras cover.

Since April 2007, private health funds in Australia have been able to offer a wide range of additional services like treatment outside hospital (in your home or community healthcare clinic) and many health programs. These services are called 'broader health cover'.

Not all health funds offer broader health cover, but many funds recognise that it's in their best interest to keep their members healthy and happy. Some types of broader health cover services include:

Hospital Substitute Treatment

Hospital Substitute Treatment is an option that allows patients to complete their recovery, after surgery or treatment in hospital, either at home or in a community healthcare clinic. In these cases, most health funds will cover the cost of bed and equipment hire, doctors' visits and nurse care. Common examples of Hospital Substitute Treatment include wound care, IV therapy or early discharge.

Chronic Disease Management Programs

Many health funds offer a range of chronic disease management programs to help members either prevent or manage chronic diseases and live healthier lives. These include:

  • weight loss programs
  • heart or cardiovascular health programs
  • diabetes management programs
  • quit smoking programs
  • asthma management programs
  • general programs for healthy lifestyles, including benefits for health check ups

Additional member benefits

Depending on which private health fund you choose, you could also access a range of other member benefits and rewards including:

  • travel and other vaccinations
  • discounted gym memberships
  • discounted tickets for movies, theme parks and other attractions
  • discounts on eyewear or gift purchases with select retailers

Some private health funds will also offer discounts on your health insurance premium if you choose to pay by direct debit.

All health funds are different so it's worth comparing them to see what broader health cover programs and additional rewards you could benefit from before joining a health care plan.

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