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22 Jan 2020

These could be the 4 best times to buy a new car

End of the month, December, following model change-over and EOFY could be 4 best times to buy a new car in Australia. Read more here

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07 Nov 2019

A deep-dive into Australia’s money matters

Australia is often perceived as a relaxed, laid-back nation with a ‘no worries’ attitude that can often work to our advantage, but how does this translate when it comes to our hip pocket? Are we as stress-free when it comes to our finances?

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23 Oct 2019

The Choosi Dollar Report 2019

A deep look at how Australians rate their financial savviness, and some general tips on staying financially mindful with your spending habits. 

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08 Jul 2019

Get financially prepared for parenting

Are you prepared for the financial cost of becoming a parent? Our guide examines the essentials and extra costs that come with raising kids.

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07 Jun 2019

What is your 100-year plan?

With more of us living to reach the grand age of 100 years, how can we be financially prepared for our future?

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02 May 2019

Popular alternative payment options when shopping

Did you know 67% of Australians use alternative payment methods to make purchases? Read this article to find out more.

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