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27 Mar 2017

Don’t leave your income protection insurance to chance, leave it to Choosi!

Choosi’s team of Choosers can help you compare the benefits and prices so you can confidently choose cover that suits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

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09 Jan 2017

Money lessons we learn on life’s journey

Every financial mistake is a lesson learned. This infographic shows the top money lessons we learn at every life stage to keep you financially savvy. 

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19 Aug 2016

Income Protection Insurance 101

Fast track your path to financial protection with our quick fact guide on income protection insurance. 

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01 May 2015

Income protection insurance for contractors & full-time employees

Do you have enough money saved up to tide you over for a few months or longer if something happened to prevent you from working?

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08 Sep 2014

10 creative money saving tips

Here are 10 coolest and most creative ways to save. A little here, a little there, and the next thing you know, you've got enough to book that holiday you were hoping for!

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01 Sep 2014

Is income protection insurance for full time employees' tax deductible?

Something many full time employees are unaware of is that generally the premium you pay for income protection insurance is tax deductible.

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