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27 Jul 2021

Offset or invest? Using your funds wisely for the future

You’ve got additional funds, so should you put them in the offset account, pay down your mortgage, or invest? We look at different types of wealth strategies

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16 Jun 2021

Positive goal setting for the new financial year

It’s EOFY time! Here are some general ideas to think about to potentially set you on the right track for the next year. 

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19 Mar 2021

How to make more money with a side hustle

The gig economy is changing our traditional idea of 'work', so much so that we're seeing a rising interest in side hustles. But what are your options? Here are some side hustles that could help you earn more money.

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11 Feb 2021

5 simple steps to boost your property value

2020 has impacted almost every part of daily life, including property prices. But there are still some easy ways to boost your home's value and get the best possible sale price.

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21 Dec 2020

How to have the talk: 4 tips for couples discussing money

Talking about finances is a topic that’s often avoided by couples, but it’s important for stability moving forward. Here are 4 big tips for how to have ‘the talk’. 

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15 Dec 2020

Simple vs. compound interest: what’s the difference?

Paying interest or earning interest are two very different things when it comes to loans and wealth building. Here’s what you need to know

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