World Animal Day: Treat your pet to the best care

Every year on October 4, World Animal Day is celebrated in a variety of different ways all around the globe.
The day is a great opportunity for animal lovers everywhere to pay tribute to animals both great and small, and it’s a great reminder of the importance we place on our pets, in particular.

Celebrating World Animal Day

The tradition of World Animal Day first began in 1931, and it has continued to be celebrated throughout the years.

In Australia, there are a variety of events celebrating the day. You can head along to Federation Square in Melbourne to catch the World Animal Day Festival, or check out the Animal Aid Abroad Stall at the High Street Mall in Perth to find out how you can help working, companion or farm animals all over the world.

World Animal Day is all about celebrating how important animals are, whether they’re a domesticated pet, working animal or running free in the wild – so why not honour the day by using it as an opportunity to take extra special care of your beloved pets?

Important tips for pet care

To many people, a pet isn’t just an animal but also a much-loved member of the family – so it’s important to make sure yours are well cared for. In honour of World Animal Day on 4th October, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind about pet care.

With summer coming soon, it’s particularly important to pay extra attention to your pet, and with just a little bit of extra attention to detail, you can ensure your pet is getting the best care.

  • Regular check-ups at the vet will help to catch any issues early on, and getting your pet spayed and neutered is also essential.
  • If you have a dog, try to adjust your exercise routine for the warmer weather by taking them out for exercise during the coolest times of the day – this will benefit both you and your dog!
  • Proper hydration is key, particularly in the summer, so watch out for any signs of dehydration and keep your pets well watered throughout the day.
  • Giving your pets the love and attention they deserve is all part of their care, but it’s important to have a plan for instances of illness or injury as well. Taking out pet health insurance gives you peace of mind that your beloved cat or dog will get the medical attention they need in the event of an accident or illness.

Pet insurance policies are available for most breeds of cats and dogs that are over eight weeks old, and they typically cover accidental injuries or accident and illness.

With pet insurance, up to 85% of eligible vet and medical bills for your pet can be paid. Depending on the type of policy you get, you can also get cover for emergency boarding, paralysis ticks and essential euthanasia, with a value of up to $14,000 per year.

Having pet insurance can help you take the best care of your pets, and reduce the burden that unexpected veterinary and medical bills can produce.

However, as with any other insurance policy it’s important to shop around and find the product that best suits your needs. Do some research into different policies and decide which type of cover you want to secure for your pet, before rushing into any decisions.

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