Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is called 'comprehensive' because it offers the most complete cover available. This plan can cover you for:

  • damage to your car;
  • damage to the other parties' vehicle/s;
  • loss of your car from fire and theft; and
  • damage to third party property.

Depending upon which comprehensive insurance policy options you choose, you may also be covered for additional options such as windscreen replacement and payment towards a rental car.

Car insurance premiums are affected by the excess you choose, and insurers will also look at other criteria such as your driving history, your age and gender, age and brand of the car and even where the car is kept at night. By comparing policies, you will be able to see which policy offers the best value for money for you.  

While comprehensive cover will cost you more than one of third party insurance options, it is certainly worth considering, because driving will always carry risks. And since most collisions involve two or more vehicles, it's wise to make sure that your car has the right level of cover. That's what Comprehensive Car Insurance is all about - offering maximum protection against the cost of damage.

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