Health Insurance Rate Rise 2015

From April 1, the cost of health insurance will go up by an industry average of 6.18%*. Some policies will increase more than others, ranging from 3.98% up to 7.92%.

For example, based on the industry average of 6.18%*:

  • A family paying $3,000 per year for a Hospital only cover could see an increase of $185 per year.
  • A couple who pays $2,500 a year for Hospital only cover, could see an increase of $155 per year.

To see the average increase for your health fund from April 1 2015, visit

Health insurance premiums have been gradually rising over the past few years. This is mainly due to advancement of medical technology and the rising cost of medical care, meaning the cost of claims is higher than in previous years. On top of this, the number of claims made on health insurance policies is also on the rise. The table below shows the year on year industry weighted average premium increase from 2010 to 2015^.

Health insurance rate rise 2010-2015

Rate rises

You should also be aware that apart from an increase in premium prices, health funds can also adjust the details of their policies, including altering the features covered by the policy (eg. pregnancy) and the some of the benefit limits. If you already have health insurance, your health fund will send a letter to let you know all the changes being made to your policy, so you have the option of continuing with it or looking for other options.

Despite the upcoming changes, there are still ways to save money on health insurance:

  1. Some health funds allow you to lock in the previous year's rate by paying your premium a year in advance, as long as you pay before the rate rise.
  2. You can decrease your upfront premium by increasing your excess (the amount you agree to pay if you're admitted to hospital).
  3. Compare a number of different policies to find the one that gives best value for money.

The easiest way to compare health insurance policies is to let someone do the work for you - someone who knows what they're doing and can offer a range of policies to choose from. That's what we do at Choosi - we help you compare, choose and save from a range of popular health funds.

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* 2015 industry weighted premium increase published by; 27 February 2015.
^ Premium increases from 2010 - 2015 published by