Cat Insurance

Cats are known for their independence, but as any cat owner knows, they need care just as much as any other member of the family. Cats can become sick or injured, and medical treatment comes at a financial cost.

Why does my cat need Pet Insurance?

Being a cat-owner means being mindful of the vaccines, treatments and routine care that cats require - not to mention the possibility of unexpected illness or injury.

For example, did you know that a simple broken nail could cost as much as $300 to treat, while toxoplasma treatment, the result of eating dead birds or mice, could cost close to $1,000? A bill for gastric torsion could set you back around $2,000, and all this is on top of the $600 that the average cat owner spends per year on their care, the greatest portion of which (apart from food) is on veterinary services.

These bills can quickly add up, and even the most loving of cat owners would find it difficult to pay large and unexpected veterinary bills.

That’s where insurance for your cat comes in. It helps alleviate the financial burden of unexpected costs when your cat becomes ill or injured.

What does Cat Insurance cover?

Pet Insurance for cats provides cover for either accident and illness, or if you want to pay a lower premium you can cover your cat for accidents only. With some products you can even choose to include Routine Care as part of your Pet Insurance Policy, to claim on things like vaccinations, de-sexing and worming treatments. Plus, Pet Insurance can come with additional care, like Emergency Boarding and Essential Euthanasia, at no extra cost.
Depending on the policy you select directly through Choosi, and the level of Pet Cover provided by that policy, you could receive up to 85% of your eligible vet bills up to a total benefit of $14,000 per year (pre-existing conditions excluded).

The Australian Veterinary Association (2010) study shows that cats whose owners have taken out Pet Insurance are healthier than uninsured cats and illnesses are diagnosed much faster, as they tend to visit the vet more often. Doesn’t your cat deserve the best?

We love our cats whether they’re pedigree or mixed moggy, so it’s hard to watch them suffer when they need medical attention. However, a large vet bill can cause a financial strain we simply can’t afford. Fortunately, Pet Insurance is something that is affordable.

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