Why have Pet Insurance?

A lot of us have cats and dogs at home who we consider a part of the family. You and your family have health insurance; life insurance; probably income protection and trauma insurance. You insure your car, your home and its contents as well as your personal valuables. So, why wouldn’t you insure your pet, a well-loved member of your family?

We haven’t even started on medical costs

What makes you think animals don’t get ill or meet with accidents, just like humans? If they do suffer an accident or get ill, there is no Medicare for your pet to help meet the costs of vet bills. A fracture can cost around $1500 and major reconstruction could go as high as $5000, plus rehabilitation if required.

If your pet is off colour and you don’t know what’s wrong, the only thing to do is take it to the vet. That visit will cost around $75, plus any medications the vet may recommend. Say your pet has a fairly simple condition like a sticky eye, this has to involve a vet visit as it will probably need an antibiotic eye ointment. On and on it goes and you’ll find that over the year it soon mounts up.

What does Pet Insurance cover?

Pet Insurance can cover a portion of your vet bills arising from Accidents or Illness. (You can elect the percentage and types of costs you want covered through the policy you choose.)

Premiums vary according to what you need for your pet, its age and also the breed. All policies will be subject to terms and conditions, including exclusions, such as pre-existing conditions. Check what pet insurance is on offer from various insurers to make sure you get the most appropriate cover and best value.

This is why every pet owner should consider and compare pet insurance policies. Check what they cost and what cover you get. Insuring your pet against illness and accident will pay you in the long run, because pets live in the same world as you do and experience many of the same risks.

When we first get a pet we’re so excited and don’t often think about the costs

You can also add optional Routine Cover to your pet insurance. You’ll probably have to spend approximately $300–$400 a year just on the routine veterinary visits.

One of the following services can be more affordable, by just including Routine Care cover to your pet insurance

  • De-sexing
  • Heart-worm preventative medicines
  • Flea & Tick medications
  • Dental treatments
  • Obedience training

A lot of vets recommend you take out pet cover as a safeguard against unexpected expenses. They know how high medical costs can be.

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