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Kogan Life Insurance

Kogan have established themselves as Australia’s number one retailer for affordable electronics and household goods. Now they’ve made the transition into the insurance industry, offering the same great value in a range of flexible products that are simple to understand and easy to apply for. They provide award-winning cover, with Kogan Life Cover recently awarded the Mozo Expert’s Choice Award 2019 in the Exceptional Value Life & TPD Insurance category. Kogan also provide experience you can trust, with their insurance products underwritten by Hannover Re — currently the world’s third largest reinsurer.

Kogan Life Cover is designed to protect your family from financial stress if you were to unexpectedly pass away. If you’ve got people who are financially dependent on you, taking out cover can help protect the life you’ve built for them. Expenses such as a mortgage, daycare, school fees and other debts can quickly add up — costs your family could struggle to cover if you were no longer able to provide for them. Even if your partner isn’t the main income earner in your household, it’s still important to have a protection plan in place for them. Life Cover offers a joint plan which allows you and your partner to have a single life insurance policy, with the flexibility to choose an individual benefit amount to suit both your needs. This way you can have confidence knowing your family is protected should the worst happen.

Kogan Life Cover

  • Australian Residents aged 18 to 64 are eligible to apply
  • Flexibility to choose a Benefit Amount between $100,000 and $1 million (depending on your age)
  • Your beneficiary may be entitled to an advance of $10,000 while the life insurance claim is undergoing assessment1
  • No paperwork, medical or blood test when you apply
  • Your beneficiary will receive your chosen Benefit Amount when you die2
  • If you become diagnosed with a Terminal Illness and have 12 months or less to live, you'll receive 100% of your Benefit Amount3
  • Your Benefit Amount automatically increases each year to keep up with the cost of living, so there’s less chance of a shortfall when a claim is made
  • Choose from additional cover options such as Serious Illness, Total & Permanent Disability and Children’s Insurance

Please note: This is a summary of our Life Cover policy. Make sure you read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details.

  1. We must have satisfactory evidence of the deceased Life Insured’s age and death. If we make an advance payment in this way, this is not an admission of our liability to pay the balance of the Life Benefit Amount, which is subject to the provision of all claim proofs.
  2. Except if you pass away as a result of a self-inflicted injury within the first 13 months of your policy or as a result of other exclusions applied to your policy.
  3. Terminal illness means a confirmed diagnosis by a Medical Practitioner or Specialist Medical Practitioner where life expectancy, after taking into account all reasonably available treatment, is 12 months or less.

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