Insuring your dog


Dry nose? Drooping tail? An owner knows when something's up with their pup. When your dog needs help from a vet, pet insurance can help keep the bills in budget.

For us owners, having a dog can mean pricey trips to the vet. Four out of five dog-owning households need to see a vet at least once a year1 and an incredible $1.09 billion was spent on veterinary services for dogs in the 12 months to January 2013.

Many vet visits are for vaccinations and check-ups, but when the bills increase - generally $500 to $2000 or more for dogs - it indicates a health issue requiring treatment.2 Pet insurance can help you claim back some of these bills and take the financial sting out of caring for your dog.

Always ready for fun, pups don't share our concern for injury and illness
Always ready for fun, pups don't share our concern for injury and illness.

Vet bills are expensive

Veterinary services can creep into the tens of thousands for something life-threatening or ongoing. 

One family was faced with an $18,000 vet bill as a result of their Weimaraner getting hit by a car and having to undergo surgery. Another family who owned a Boston Terrier faced a vet bill of $14,000 to remove a tumour. The scariest vet bill was for an owner of an Airedale Terrier who had to pay $13,000 to treat a tick bite.3

Common cruciate ligament injuries are painful, can cause lameness, and may need surgery to correct.4 One owner claims that her and her partner spent $3000 on vet care for the crucial ligament surgery, a second surgery to repair a subsequent patella injury and follow-up medications.5

How can pet insurance benefit a dog owner?

The thought of your dog in pain is heartbreaking, and explains why dog lovers are ready to pay thousands for treatments.6

In the event of an accident or sickness that is covered, you could be eligible to:

  • Claim up to 85% of eligible vet bills, to a maximum $20,000 per year*
  • Cover your pup from as young as 8 weeks
  • Use your own vet so long as they are licensed in Australia

Types of pet insurance


Accident Only

Accident & Illness

Description Covers your dog for injury that happens from an accident in certain circumstances. This can include injuries from fights, snake bites, and broken bones. Cover for accidents in certain circumstances, as well as for specified covered illnesses except for pre-existing conditions.
Age Eligibility 8 weeks old
No upper age limit
8 weeks old
Younger than 9 years
Maximum yearly benefit Up to $15,000* Up to $20,000*
Maximum claim cover Up to 80% Up to 85%
Waiting periods? No
Except 6 months on cruciate ligament injuries (may be waived on application at insurer's discretion)
No for accidents
Generally 30 days for illnesses
6 months on cruciate ligament injuries (may be waived on application at insurer's discretion)
Covers accidental injury? Yes, in certain circumstances Yes, in certain circumstances
Covers illnesses? No Yes, except for some specified illnesses
Limited to choice of vet? No, use your preferred vet licensed to practice in Australia No, use your preferred vet licensed to practice in Australia

*Pre-existing Conditions and some illnesses are excluded and sub-limits may apply. Claim for reimbursement.

Please read the insurer's Product Disclosure Statement for specific details of what is covered by the policy based on your selected level of cover.

Optional extras on top of your insurance can help give you more cover on your policy or allow you to claim for routine checkups. For dogs, these options include:

  • Routine Care

    Including this in your policy can cover some routine health checks or procedures that are otherwise not covered, such as vaccinations, de-sexing and worming. Be sure to check the PDS and your policy schedule for specifics regarding Routine Care.

  • Emergency Boarding

    Cover to help with the cost of boarding at a registered kennel up to an agreed amount, if you, the sole carer, are unexpectedly hospitalised for a specified period and unable to care for your dog.

  • Essential Euthanasia

    If a vet deems euthanasia essential and humane for your dog, the benefit percentage will be covered up to your chosen benefit limit.

  • Paralysis Ticks

    Tick bites are very serious and can cause paralysis in pets that can be fatal if untreated.7 The benefit percentage will be covered up to the specified sub-limit.

A poorly pup may require vet bills that soar into the thousands.

The premium for a policy will depend on the breed, age and where you live among other factors. You will be able to choose the level of cover you select, and varying this can ensure your policy is affordable. 

Top five most common dog breeds for claims8

Top five most expensive claims by dog breed8

Maltese Cross Sarplaninac
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Black Russian Terrier
Labrador Foxhound Cross
Golden Retriever Saluki Cross
Cavoodle Swiss Shepherd Cross

With so many products on offer, it can be overwhelming to find the best pet insurance for your cat or dog. Luckily, we do the hard work for you. Choosi’s team of Choosers can be with you every step of the way, from finding the right cover to filling in the paperwork. Request a quote or contact our team today.

*Pre-existing Conditions and certain illnesses are excluded, sub-limits may apply. Claim for reimbursement

This is general information only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the relevant PDS available on this website prior to purchasing any product. Choosi offers insurance products from a range of brands but does not compare all products available in the market. 


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