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Comparing a range of life insurance products through Choosi is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to find the policy that’s right for you and your family. Life insurance provides a lump-sum payout to help manage living expenses such as mortgage payments, school fees, and personal loans in case you pass away unexpectedly. Compare a range of products right here with Choosi and protect your loved ones’ financial future.

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Australian life insurance comparison

Compare life insurance products

Take the guesswork out of organising life insurance by comparing a range of products from trusted Australian brands. From the maximum cover amount available to you, any optional extras, premium discounts, and more, Choosi will do all the hard work by helping you compare, so you can find the policy that works best for your needs. Our side-by-side comparison shows you the range of providers we compare and a snapshot of what’s on offer with each of them, helping you pick out the right life insurance for you and your family.1

BrandAge eligibility to applyMin. coverMax. cover2Funeral advance3Terminal illness cover4Expiry ageFeature

Family Life Cover

18 – 64$100,000$1m$10,000NoneAfter the first year of your policy, get back 10% of total premiums you’ve paid in that time with The Real Reward™.

Seniors Life Insurance

45 - 79$10,000$200,00020% of Life Insurance benefit85Answer 8 simple health questions to apply.
Triple payout for accidental death.
Free ongoing subscription to DARE magazine for active policies.
Guardian insurance logo

Life Insurance

18 – 64$100,000$1.5m$15,000NoneWhen you reach age 99, your premium stays the same for the remaining term of your policy.
Kogan life insurance logo

Life Cover

18 – 64$100,000$1m$10,000None$10 credit every month off a purchase of $100 or more for active policyholders. T&C’s apply.
  1. The above table shows a select summary only. For full details of the benefits on offer, including the terms and conditions, please read the relevant PDS.
  2. The maximum cover amount you’re eligible to apply for depends on your age (and income, depending on the insurer) at the time of application.
  3. Subject to approval.
  4. For the policies available direct through Choosi diagnosis of a terminal illness means where life expectancy is 12 or 24 months or less (depending on the policy).

Why use Choosi for your life insurance comparison?

Choosi makes finding life insurance easy.

Life isn’t always easy, but we can help make sure getting life insurance is. You can compare a range of products right here without having to scroll through a ton of different websites to find the best policy for you. Choosi lets you compare, choose, and apply for life insurance all in one place by helping you weigh up everything you need to know in just a few minutes. No hassles and at no extra cost to you!

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Choosi Price Guarantee

Don’t stress! When you buy any life insurance policy through Choosi, we’ll make sure you don’t pay more than the direct price. We’re so sure about it that if you find a cheaper price on the same policy within 30 days of purchase, we’ll refund the difference in your premiums for the first year and give you a $100 gift card. Too easy! Terms and conditions apply.

Award-winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers have rated us as a Platinum Trusted Service provider on Feefo. We pride ourselves on being able to help you compare life insurance across a range of brands, so chat to our friendly Choosers and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Life Insurance Code of Practice

We take great pride in complying to the Life Insurance Code of Practice, ensuring exceptional service and the highest standards when comparing life insurance products.

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Comparing life insurance at every stage

From early starters to late bloomers, every moment of life is worth covering. It’s common for things to change as your journey goes on, so we let you compare policies no matter what stage of life you’re at. Find out what type of policy you think suits you best with our simple life stage guide below. From how much cover you could consider, what optional extras you can add to your policy, to how age impacts your eligibility, here’s just about everything you need to know about life insurance.

Young & single

It’s time to start a life of your own with your own rules! Set yourself up for the future you want today.

Young couples

Now that you’re coupled up, it’s time to make plans, get savvy, and cover yourself and your loved one.

Young families

Don’t sweat it—kids can ramp up the financial pressures on a family but with some planning, you’ll be set!

Maturing families

Kids are still at home with more demands than ever, but the mortgage is going down and your needs have changed.

Empty nesters

You’ve earned a break after a lifetime of hard work. Set yourself up to live well by finding the right policy to suit this stage of your life.

Learn more about life insurance

Choosing insurance can be complicated and confusing. These clear, simple articles provide general information aiming to help you understand more about life insurance, how it works, and why you should consider it.

Life insurance can pay a lump-sum benefit to you or your family if you were to pass away. The money can provide your loved ones with financial support if you weren’t around anymore, helping them keep up with ongoing living expenses after your death. It can even help with medical bills or other living arrangements if your health took a turn for the worse and you were diagnosed with a terminal illness. You can even add optional cover such as Total and Permanent Disability and Serious Illness (Trauma).

The first step to comparing life insurance products is to figure out what suits your current situation when it comes to options, cover amounts, and other features. This will help you narrow your search down to the most relevant product for your needs. Read on for a full rundown on comparing life insurance quotes.

After comparing policies and choosing your preferred cover, you can apply directly through Choosi. Keep in mind that every provider has their own application and approval process for getting life insurance. You can check which policies you may be eligible for during the comparison process.

The cost of life insurance varies depending on which provider you go with, your age, your personal health and lifestyle factors, and the amount of cover you decide to take out. Every provider may have their own discounts or bonuses which can also affect your premium amount. Running a comparison with your specific requirements and requesting a quote is the best way to find out how much a life insurance policy will cost you.

Find out where you stand with your savings

Use our handy tool to see how your financial situation stacks up against other people in your generation/age group, according to the 2019 Choosi Dollar Report.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main benefits of life insurance?

The main benefit to having a life insurance policy is that if you’re suddenly no longer around to provide for your family, it pays a lump-sum that can be used to help them meet their financial commitments like the mortgage or rent, education costs for your children, and everyday living expenses. Even if you don’t leave behind any debts, the payout can simply help your loved ones maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve.

How does life insurance work?

Life insurance provides your chosen beneficiary/s with a lump-sum payment should you pass away or (depending on the policy you choose) if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. When applying for a life insurance policy, you’ll need to nominate an amount that you wish to be covered for. However, the maximum cover amount you’re eligible to apply for usually depends on your age at the time of application, and with some policies, your income is also a factor. Joint policies are available to insure your partner as well, and some policies even allow you the option to add your children to your policy.

Who can apply for life insurance?

For the policies that can be arranged directly through Choosi, you’ll be able to apply for a policy, as long as you’re an Australian resident aged between 18 and 79. You’ll usually need to answer a few health and lifestyle questions and your application will be assessed based on the answers to these questions. If you’re adding your partner to your policy, they’ll also need to meet these criteria and answer the same health and lifestyle questions. Some insurers may require additional information before making a decision on whether to accept your application.

How much life insurance can i get?

For policies available directly through Choosi, the minimum cover amount that you can apply for is $10,000 and the maximum is $1.5 million. However, the maximum level of cover you’re eligible to apply for will depend on your age at the time you apply, and for some policies, your income.

Do I need life insurance?

This will depend on your personal circumstances. Could your family survive financially if you couldn’t provide for them anymore? If you have dependents such as a spouse or young children, and financial commitments such as a mortgage, education costs or personal debts, life insurance could help provide your family a measure of financial security.

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