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No, your premiums do not go up as a result of making a claim for products available directly through Choosi. For Life, Income Protection, Funeral and Pet insurance, check the Product Disclosure Statement of the Policy you are interested in for more information about premium pricing.
For Life and Income Protection insurance you will need to declare this when applying, you will then need to undergo the underwriting process which will assess whether or not you can be insured.
You can cancel your Policy at any time. Each policy has a cooling off period, if you cancel your policy within the cooling off period you will be refunded the premiums you have paid in full. If you cancel cover after the cooling off period generally there is no refund of premiums or benefit payable.
For Life and Income Protection Insurance you will need to declare this when you are applying, you will then need to undergo the underwriting process which will assess whether or not you can be insured.
For policies available through Choosi, the insurer can only take payments from a personal bank account.

For Life, Income Protection, Funeral and Pet insurance, once you have your new cover in place, all you need to do is to contact your old insurer to cancel the policy you had with them and they will go through their individual process with you. There are a few things you need to note before you go ahead.

  • Some insurers will charge you a fee for cancelling. However even with a cancellation fee you may still be able to save when you make the switch.
  • Check the commencement date of the new policy and the cancellation date of your old policy are aligned as you do not want to be caught during a period where you are not covered by either policy.
  • Some policies require a period of notice before the policy can be cancelled.  Read the fine print on your current insurer's PDS to find out more.
  • If you have paid an annual premium the insurer may only refund an amount that is proportionate to the premium that you paid for any unused term. Certain fees or duties may be deducted from the premium to be repaid.  You should refer to the PDS for details.
  • There are risks involved with switching which you should consider. For example, your new cover may not be identical in every respect, and if your health has deteriorated since you commenced your old policy this may affect how you are underwritten on your new policy.

For Health insurance switching health funds is easy. Simply choose the new health insurance policy you want to take out and apply for cover with Choosi. If you indicate that you're switching health funds, your new health fund will manage your transfer with the relevant authorisation. Any premiums you've overpaid will be refunded to you.

When you purchase a policy through us, we are paid a commission from the insurer. We do not charge you any fees or add on any extra costs for the service that we provide to our customers.  See our Financial Services Guide for more details.
For Life, Funeral, Income Protection and Pet Insurance you will need to send in a claim form to the insurer. Once the insurer has received all the necessary documentation, your claim will be assessed and if approved payment will be made promptly. To ensure that your claim is processed as quickly as possible, you should make sure that you complete the claims form in full and that you include all the supporting documents when you send your claim to the insurer. In some cases the insurer may need to get some additional information from you, and once they have this information they will consider this information along with the rest of your claim as quickly as possible.

The length of time to assess and provide an outcome will depend on the nature and complexity of your claim. Sometimes the insurer may require additional reports from your medical practitioners or from government organisations like Medicare, and this means that we are subject to their turnaround times to acquire this information. If this occurs we will inform you and keep you up to date with the progress of your claim.

In the case of Health Insurance, payment will be dependent on your selected Health fund’s claiming process as this can differ from fund to fund. Payment will also be dependent on how you submit your claim.
Usually it takes no longer than 30 seconds to generate a quote once Choosi gathers some basic information about you and what you need.
Generally for Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance benefits, you will not be required to pay tax. For Income Protection Insurance, benefits paid are considered as income and will be assessable as income for tax purposes. As your individual circumstances may differ, you should consult a professional tax adviser for advice regarding your situation.
This will all depend on the type of product you are applying for. For Health Insurance, Funeral Insurance and some Life Insurance policies you can hold your policy for life. You should check the Product Disclosure Statement for the Policy you are interested in applying for.
A Choosi reference ID is a set of numbers that are issued each time that you get a quote, if you decide to call the Choosi call centre, you can quote your Choosi reference ID so that we can access your quote details easily and you do not need to go through the form questions again.
Each insurance policy listed on this site has a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This is a document that is designed by the insurer to provide you with important information on the product to help you compare and make a decision, including where applicable, product features, benefits, limits, exclusions, and the terms and conditions.
Your premium will be debited on the date of your choice. The frequency will be dependent on the payment option you choose that’s available with the insurer. For most policies available on this site, payments can be made fortnightly, monthly or annually.
For most Policies available through Choosi, premiums are payable fortnightly, monthly or annually. This can be by Direct Debit from a Visa or MasterCard, or from a bank account.
Choosi have been helping Australians get their insurance sorted since August 2011. Originally offering a comparison service for Life Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Funeral Insurance, we now also offer a comparison service for Health Insurance and Pet Insurance.
Generally for Life, Income Protection and Funeral insurance, Australian resident means a person who resides in Australia and either holds an Australian or New Zealand citizenship; holds an Australian permanent residency visa; or has been in Australia continuously for six months or more on a temporary work visa and resides in Australia. You should check the Product Disclosure Statement of the policy you are interested in for the insurer’s specific definition, as it may vary slightly from insurer to insurer.

For Health insurance directly available through Choosi, Australian resident means a person who resides in Australia and either holds an Australian or New Zealand citizenship; or holds an Australian permanent residency visa.
Choosi works with a wide range of insurers. Our current list of insurers is available on our home page.
This will all depend on the policy that you choose. The Product Disclosure Statement will give you details of the Insurer for all types of cover except Health Insurance. For Health Insurance your insurer will be disclosed on your fund Fact Sheet.

Important Note:
The answers above are to be used as a reference guide only and do not substitute or replace your insurance contract, the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or Certificate of Insurance.

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