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Your house isn't just the building you live in, it's your home - it contains all your possessions and is somewhere you need to be able to feel secure. So it's important to find the right home and contents insurance to protect your home against unexpected damage or loss. 

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Considering home and contents insurance?

Ask yourself two simple questions:

1. Do you rent or own a property?
2. Do you keep valuable belongings at home?


If you answered yes to either of these questions, home and contents insurance might be for you.

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Choosing the right insurance can be complicated and confusing. These clear, simple articles provide general information aiming to help you understand more about home and contents insurance, how it works and why you should consider it.

There are three main types of home insurance to choose from.


    Home and contents insurance

    Combined cover for your house and your possessions. It covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it's damaged, for example by a natural disaster. It also covers your belongings - such as furniture, clothes, electronics, jewellery, sports equipment, carpets and curtains - from loss, damage or theft. Optional extras may also be available like protection for your portable items when away from home and motor burnout.

    Contents insurance

    Contents insurance is stand-alone cover for your belongings such as jewellery, electronics, books, appliances and whitegoods, furniture, carpets, curtains and any detachable fittings and furnishings. 

    Landlords insurance

    Protects your house and other buildings, like garages and sheds against loss or damage. Landlords insurance provides cover against theft, malicious damage, loss of earnings, as well as storms, flood, fire and other natural disasters.

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If you are a homeowner, the answer is probably 'yes'. Here's why:

  • Almost all home loan arrangements require you to take out an insurance policy on your property.
  • Your home is most likely your most significant financial asset — so it makes sense to protect it.
  • If you lost your home in a natural disaster, you probably couldn’t afford to replace it, potentially leaving you and your family homeless.

If you're renting, you don't need home insurance — but you can still protect your belongings with a standalone contents policy.

For most policies, it’s up to you to estimate how much it would cost to rebuild your home — so take care to get it right. There are two ways of finding out this amount:

  • Hire a surveyor to carry out a professional assessment of your property.
  • Get a rough estimate, using a rebuild calculator, available on insurer websites.

Note: 'Total replacement' policies will rebuild or repair your home, whatever the cost. The insurer — not you — is responsible for estimating the value of the property correctly, ensuring you won’t be left out of pocket. However, these policies can be more expensive.

One good way to work out how much contents insurance you need is to go room to room (including sheds and garages), adding up the value of your belongings

You will want to include your clothes, jewellery, books, electronics, appliances and whitegoods, and don’t forget furniture, carpets, curtains and any detachable fittings and furnishings. Check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of the policy you’re interested in to see the maximum limits for certain items. If you have items worth more than the limit, you may need to cover them separately as specified valuable items.

If an accident at home causes damage to your valuables — for example, a painting falls from the wall or you spill paint on the carpet — this may not necessarily be covered by your insurance policy.

While some providers cover all types of damage in the home, others specify certain types of incidents such as burglary or fire — or charge an extra premium to cover you for accidents. You will need to review the conditions of the policy carefully before deciding if it gives the level of cover you want.
All contents insurance policies cover your belongings at home — but they can vary as to where else you’ll be covered. Depending on the policy, you may have cover throughout Australia and the world, or you may need to pay an extra premium for an item to cover it outside the home. Check the policy details carefully before you buy.

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