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Your house isn't just the building you live in—it's your home! It contains all your possessions and is somewhere you need to be able to feel secure, so it's important to find the right home and contents insurance to protect your home against unexpected damage or loss.

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Choosi helps you compare different home and contents insurance policies to help you look out for the things you own—whether it’s your valuable property or priceless possessions. Our comparison shows you what’s on offer with each provider and can be customised by you based on your budget, assets, and other personal needs. You can even compare policies for combined home and contents cover or separate policies for just your home or contents. And don’t forget, once you find the perfect fit, you can apply for cover directly with no added cost. Start protecting your most valuable assets today.

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Choosi makes finding home and contents insurance easy.

Home and contents insurance isn’t just about protecting your home—it’s about protecting the personal belongings that you’ve collected over the years. Whether you’re after combined cover for both your home and contents or just need one or the other, Choosi lets you compare, choose, and then apply for a range of policies all in one place. It’s not only easy, it’s 100% free to compare! Start comparing with Choosi today to find out why we’re trusted by so many Australians looking to protect their most valuable possessions.

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Considering home and contents insurance?

Ask yourself two simple questions:

1. Do you rent or own a property?

2. Do you keep valuable belongings at home?

If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, home and contents insurance might be for you.

Learn more about home and contents insurance

Choosing the right insurance can be complicated and confusing. These clear, simple articles provide general information to help you understand more about home and contents insurance, how it works, and why you could consider it.

There are three main types of home insurance to choose from.

Home and content insurance is combined cover for your home and your possessions. It covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it's damaged, for example, by a natural disaster or a house fire. It also covers your belongings (such as furniture, clothes, electronics, sports equipment, carpets, and curtains) from loss, damage, or theft. Optional extras may also be available like protection for your portable items when away from home and motor burnout.

Contents insurance is stand-alone cover for things like jewellery, electronics, books, appliances and whitegoods, furniture, carpets, curtains, any detachable fittings, and furnishings.

If you rent your property out to tenants, then landlord insurance can help provide peace of mind should your property suffer from events like theft by tenants or other burglars, malicious damage or vandalism, and you can add optional cover for if you end up with your tenant leaving you high and dry with rent in arrears. Landlord insurance also covers loss or damage from natural disasters like fire, floods or storms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are valuable items included?

Most policies have a maximum amount they'll pay for a specific item, such as jewellery. If your valuable items exceed this amount, you can specify them in your policy, so they’re covered for the right amount. This will generally cost you more. You may also need to take out specified portable contents cover if you would like to protect these items away from home.

Do I need home insurance?

If you’re a homeowner, consider the cost to rebuild if the home was damaged and needed to be built again from the start. Home insurance can help. Here's why:

  • If you have a mortgage, check whether your home loan arrangement requires you to take out an insurance policy on your property.
  • Your home is most likely your most significant financial asset—so it can make sense to protect it.
  • If you lost your home in a natural disaster, consider if you couldn’t afford to replace it, this could potentially leave you and your family without a home.
  • If you're renting, you can protect your belongings with a standalone contents-only policy.

How can I make my home insurance cheaper?

The premium you pay for home and contents insurance depends on the type of cover you choose. Often insurance companies will offer discounts if you take out home and contents insurance together, reducing the premiums for both policies.

If you pay your fees annually rather than monthly, it may work out cheaper in the long run. You can also sign up for a larger excess to offset your premiums—but this means you’ll have a higher threshold before you're able to claim. And finally, you can make sure your home is secure with locks and alarms—usually, the tighter the security, the less you pay.

Lastly, it helps to shop around! Always review your home and contents insurance policy just before you renew it to make sure you’re still getting the cover you need, and comparing with Choosi makes it easy!

Is my sporting equipment covered by contents insurance?

Your contents insurance policy may cover sports equipment that’s stored inside the home or garage—but it may not be covered when in transit. Some policies exclude sports equipment while it's in use, but this can vary between individual policies.

How do I estimate the cost of rebuilding my home?

For most policies, it’s up to you to estimate how much it would cost to rebuild your home—so take care to get it right. There are two ways of finding out this amount:

  • Hire a surveyor to carry out a professional assessment of your property.
  • Get a rough estimate using a rebuild calculator that’s available on most insurer websites.

Note: 'Total replacement' policies will rebuild or repair your home. The insurer (not you) is responsible for estimating the value of the property correctly, so you don’t actually have a sum insured figure on the policy.

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