These could be the 4 best times to buy a new car

Some say that buying a new car is silly because its value starts to depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot. Well, we say they’ve never heard of finding a bargain!

You can get all the bells and whistles of a brand-new car while still seeing terrific bang for your buck, if you time it right. That’s why we’re here to help with the 4 best times to buy a new car.

Wait until the end of the month

Salespeople for car dealerships mostly earn their paycheques from those sweet, sweet commissions. That means at the end of every month, they’re busting a gut to bump up their sales numbers.

Use this time to put on your negotiating hat and get to work on a great deal. They’ll be more likely to provide a better price on the car because they’ll want every excuse to hit their sales target — so take advantage of how the game is played!

Get a discount on this year’s model during the December sales

Black Friday and Boxing Day sales might be the best time to join the crazy crowds at shopping centres, but there’s another date on the calendar that savvy buyers know is best for getting a new car: the final week in December.

It doesn’t have to be on the 31st, but it’s a smart move to look for a new car in late December. This is because Christmas sales usually offer big deals on their entire range.

Look out specifically for hefty discounts on this year’s models as the new ones are set to arrive from January. You might be surprised how having the current year’s model in a car’s official title can knock several grand off the price, compared to the next year’s!

Watch car prices plummet when there’s a model changeover

Car manufacturers have different times of the year when they bring out their latest models, so you might want to do a little research into the type of car you want before heading into a dealership. If a dealer is about to order in a new model of a car you like, then you can expect to get them to seriously lower the final price on the current model. That’s because they won’t want an ‘older’ model cluttering up their fancy lot once the new model is available.

In many cases, you’ll be able to drive away with a brand-new car for far less than advertised just because there’s a new model just around the corner!

The biggest car sales happen at EOFY

The end of the financial year isn’t just a time to cry over your tax bill and search your pockets for old receipts! It’s also happens to be one of the biggest sales events of the year for cars. Car dealerships want to clear as much stock as possible because they have financial year sales targets to meet, and to make room for newer models. So, if you ever need a break from working out all your tax deductions, get into a dealership and find a new car for a bargain price. You might even score some optional extras for your car for free!

It’s also a good idea to use EOFY as an excuse to review your current car insurance to make sure you’re getting the best deal. After all, you’re already getting your tax and other life admin tasks done at the same time. If you change cars, it means you’ll have to update your insurance policy details anyway.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to negotiate with salespeople — especially when it’s something as big as buying a new car. But when you know the best times of the year to take advantage of lower prices, it makes finding a great new car at an even better price a whole lot easier!

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