How to shop around for discounts on petrol

Inflation, rising interest rates and a sky-high cost of living – it’s something every Australian is currently dealing with, but made even worse thanks to eye-watering petrol prices. The good news is you don’t have to suffer in silence. Here, we explore a number of handy tips that can help get you a discount on your next petrol purchase!

Petrol prices are going up, up, up

Despite the price of crude oil dropping by 20% over the month of June 2022, Australians are still dealing with expensive petrol prices. In fact, earlier this year some drivers were forking out an unbelievable $3 per litre of fuel.

For everyday Australians who are trying to counter the effects of higher interest rates and car insurance premiums, it can seem like a burden just heading to the bowser. But there are ways you can reduce the cost of your next fuel-up. Here are three ways to use discounts and shop around for cheaper petrol.

1. Loyalty programs for using specific providers

If you’ve ever paid attention to your supermarket receipts, you’ll probably have spotted fuel vouchers for specific petrol stations. Coles, for example, has a partnership with Shell that offers customers who spend a minimum amount during their shop a discounted rate for fuel. Woolworths has a similar partnership with Ampol.

But if you want a specific loyalty card for a chain of petrol stations, you can get other savings in addition to cheaper fuel. Flybuys, Velocity (Virgin Australia), Costco and Mobil cards also have their own programs that allow you to collect points when fuelling up.

2. Online coupons and fuel cards

If you have a bit of time on your hands and you are happy to shop around and sign up for different websites, then you can find plenty of value at online fuel coupon sites. Depending on how frequently they are updated, these sites will showcase the latest ways to save money with coupons and fuel cards.

In most cases you will need to check the eligibility requirements and the length that the promo is running for. But for those who take their fuel savings seriously, it’s a sure-fire way to pay less for petrol.

3. Petrol-price comparison apps

Arguably the easiest way to get cheap fuel is to check the price of petrol at different stations in real-time. Whether that’s online or through an app on your smartphone, you can search different providers and then head to the cheapest location in your area.

Some state governments have their own dedicated apps, while motor clubs like RACQ in Queensland and NRMA in NSW provide branded comparison apps. There are also third-party apps like PetrolSpy Australia, MotorMouth and Fuel Map Australia that are commonly used by drivers.

Save on your insurance

While these tips will help you save a few dollars every time you fuel up, you could also save on your car insurance premiums. Not sure where to begin? You can request a quote online or call 13 55 55 to start comparing car insurance policies from a range of providers with Choosi.