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MetLife have 140 years of worldwide experience, first launching in Australia in July 2005. They rapidly grew to be an expert provider of group and individual insurance solutions to its business partners, focusing particularly on Life Insurance. Their aim is to build financial freedom for everyone by providing valuable and flexible insurance solutions that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of their customers. Their insurance products are designed to accommodate various stages of an individual's life as well as adapt to different cycles in the economy.

MetLife have proudly partnered with Redkite, a Tutoring program that offers education and special interests grants to kids and young people with cancer. Cancer can cause kids to be absent from school for long periods of time, and by partnering with Redkite, MetLife are able to provide education and hope for the future for kids with cancer.

MetLife provides a 10% discount on policies that have taken a cover amount of $500,000 or more.



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MetLife Term Life Insurance

  1. Up to $2.5 million for the TPD option
  2. Advanced Funeral Benefit of up to $10,000
  3. Financial Planning Benefit of up to $500
  4. For policies that are $500,000 or more, MetLife provides a 10% discount

LifeCare Trauma Insurance

  1. Apply for up to $2 million trauma cover
  2. Free Interim Accidental Trauma Cover
  3. Option to cover your child under 16 for up to $50,000

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