What’s the best type of dog breed for your family?

What could be better than bringing a furry friend home? Once you’ve made the big decision to add a pet to your family, it’s all about deciding what breed will suit your lifestyle best. Do you want an active pup like a Border Collie, or a Kelpie who is easy to train but will keep you on your toes? Or you might be more laid-back and want a dog that won’t require hours of exercise every day, like a Pug. Whatever your style, there’s a family dog to suit you. This article is designed to help you begin your research, so that by the end of it, you might have a better idea of where to start to find the best pooch to warm that special spot on your couch.

In no particular order, here are some of the most family-friendly dog breeds to choose from.

1. Poodle

White male poodle pictured in grass

You might not think it when looking at them with their cute little curls, but Poodles are extremely intelligent animals. In fact, they are one of the smartest dog breeds behind Border Collies when it comes to obedience and work intelligence. That means they are easy to train as well as being fun and energetic. Best of all, they prefer to be with people most of the time, so they make a great addition to family life.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever pictured in field of yellow flowers

Who could look at a Golden Retriever’s steely face and not fall in love? This incredibly popular dog breed is the best of both worlds when it comes to families – one, they have high energy levels so will love running around with the kids and going for long walks; and two, they are smart and have a calm nature despite their high energy.

3. Labrador

Labrador pictured in a city park

Like their ‘Golden’ counterparts, Labradors are part of the ‘Retriever’ breed, which means they’ve been bred to be highly trainable. This is good news for families, and even better is the fact that they are always keen to please their master. Add in a pleasant temperament, which is perfect for being around kids, and you have an all-rounder family dog breed. Just make sure you hide your shoes – Labradors are sometimes known to eat anything and everything!

4. King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel running in grassy park

Is there a kinder-looking pup on the planet than a King Charles Spaniel? Probably not! This little lap dog craves human companionship and will be just as happy snuggled up with you on the couch as it will be trotting around the house after members of your family. They are highly affectionate and relatively easy to train, but just make sure any little kids understand that they are small and fragile creatures, so they don’t necessarily enjoy roughhousing as much as some of the other breeds on this list.

5. Cavoodle

Cavoodle on a sunny beach near a pier

A number of mixed breeds are becoming even more popular than purebreds these days. The Cavoodle – a mix of a King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle – is gentle, affectionate and extremely intelligent. Plus, because they prefer to be around humans rather than other dogs, they will be great as a solo-pet addition to your family. Just be aware that Cavoodles are relatively high maintenance in terms of grooming. They’ll need to be brushed weekly and clipped every month or two.

6. Pug

Pug running in grassy park with tongue sticking out

Pugs may not be for everyone, but if there’s one thing for certain it’s that their big personalities will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. They are also small, don’t need much grooming and have a great temperament. Perfect for the indoors family that doesn’t necessarily want to walk an active dog, a Pug is just as happy getting its exercise playing games with the family. Just be aware that Pugs can be prone to breathing issues and they can easily become overweight if you don’t monitor their food intake.

Plan carefully for your pet!

Whatever breed of dog you end up choosing, they will love your family as much as you love them. There are lots of things you can do to make your pet feel at home, so start by reading 6 tasks you can do in the first week (bear in mind this relates to puppies, not older dogs) and check out 6 hazards to keep your pet away from, for a list of things to be aware of.

Once you’ve found the perfect breed of dog for your family, make sure you consider pet insurance to help cover an unexpected vet bill if your dog becomes sick or injured. Compare a range of quotes with Choosi today or call 1300 462 487 for more information.


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