What's pet insurance and what does it cover

The RSPCA estimates that Australia is home to more than 29 million pets. So, with 38% of households having a dog and 29% a cat, it’s no surprise that we treat our furry friends like family.

But pets don’t come cheap. In addition to the initial cost of purchase Aussie pet owners spend an average of $1,627 per year on their dogs and $962 on cats.

Australians are recognising the importance of pet insurance for their animals. Many providers allow you to claim a substantial portion of eligible vet bills, and you can claim up to a set amount every year. Thinking about getting pet insurance for your four-legged friend? Here’s everything you need to know.

What's pet insurance?

Pet insurance helps protect your pet from the cost of eligible vet bills by reimbursing a portion of the cost back to you. There are typically two different types of pet insurance offered, depending on the provider:

  • Accident only – covers specified accidental injuries
  • Accident and illness – covers both illnesses and specified accidental injuries.

You may also have the option to add routine care to your policy (for an extra fee).

What’s not covered?

As with any insurance policy, there are exclusions, so it’s important to be aware of what’s not covered. These are typically:

  • pre-existing conditions;
  • dental care;
  • routine care (if you choose to add it to your policy);
  • elective treatments and procedures; and
  • issues arising due to failure to protect your pet

The above isn’t a complete list of exclusions, so it’s recommended you check the Policy Booklet of the policy you’re looking to buy. If you’re considering pet insurance, Choosi can help compare a range of policies that cover both illnesses and specified accidental injuries.