Eco car insurance

Private car use is the worst contributor of CO2 emissions in our daily lives, as it makes up 34% of all household greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to do your part in fighting climate change and preserving our environment, you should consider purchasing eco car insurance, which will offset the amount of emissions produced by your car.

What is eco car insurance?

Eco car insurance is for people who want to actively protect our environment, but still need a car to get around. This can help balance the emissions from your private car use through carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting works through activities that absorb and lock away equal amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere to that produced by your car. Using the information you provide in your car insurance application, like the model of your car and how often you drive, eco car insurers calculate the amount of emissions your car produces each year. They'll then provide you with a quote which includes the cost of balancing your emissions through offsetting.

A common form of carbon offsetting is through tree planting. Trees naturally convert atmospheric CO2 into oxygen and organic carbon (eg. wood, leaves, roots), which not only balances your car's annual CO2 emissions, but also helps restore the Australian environment back to its natural state. These projects are independently audited and meet the Australian Government's Greenhouse FriendlyTM standard, the Kyoto Protocol (an international agreement regarding climate change) and are guaranteed for 100 years.

Can eco car insurance make a difference?

Road transport makes up 12% of Australia's total carbon emissions. Imagine if everyone using the roads offset their emissions with carbon neutral projects. It would make a huge positive impact on our environment.
While other road users may not choose this option, you can certainly do your part with eco insurance, which offers the same options for car insurance as other insurers.

Comprehensive car insurance generally covers your own vehicle and property in an accident as well as the vehicle and property of others, even if it's your fault, while Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Property both only cover other people's vehicles and property in an accident. However, Third Party Fire and Theft covers your car if it is stolen or damaged by fire.

With eco car insurance, you'll not only get great cover for your car, but you also have the reassurance that you're contributing to a better future for our planet.

How can I save money while saving the environment?

To save money on eco insurance, you can restrict the age of your drivers, reduce your windscreen excess and protect your no claim discount.

To save the planet, reduce your CO2 emissions by limiting your car use and servicing regularly to maintain performance and fuel consumption.