Tips to staycation like a seasoned holidaymaker

You have run the numbers and found a family getaway doesn’t fit the bill this year. The good news is that doesn’t mean a holiday is off the cards. Make this the year to embrace the staycation: a holiday spent in your local area. There’s no need to pack weeks’ worth of clothes or stress about flights to catch with tired kids in tow. This staycation is all about affordability, convenience and fun! Discover why staycations are a great family holiday option, and tips on how to staycation at home like a pro.

The benefits of a staycation

Affordability is the biggest plus when it comes to staycations. According to a recent report, one in three Australian families has enjoyed a staycation, citing its main benefits as affordability (81%), convenience (64%), and appreciation of local area (46%). With no hotels and flights to book, there’s more money left in your pocket at the end of the day to spend on new experiences and activities for the family.

One in three Aussie families have taken a staycation, with 81 per cent saying the main benefit was affordability.

Staycations are helpful for parents who will appreciate having everyday conveniences on hand, especially those with small children. Without the need to adjust to a new environment, there’s less stress and more opportunity to relax for every member of the family. It’s also a great time to discover new haunts in your local area or try a new attraction the kids have been badgering you about. You’ll also have more time on your hands when you consider the idle stints wasted in transit.

Tips for your next staycation

Plan a budget

Like any well-prepared holiday, it pays to plan a budget to ensure you don’t spend your relaxation time stressing about expenses. According to Commonwealth Bank data, when it comes to creating a memorable holiday break over Easter, Australian households will blow their budgets! In the week leading up to Easter – which often corresponds with school holidays – up to 40 per cent will have spent more than they earnt, which is why it’s important to save, plan and prepare a holiday budget that fits your financial situation.

When it comes to creating a memorable holiday break over Easter, Australian households will blow their budgets!

Set the ground rules

Knocking out some must-do chores and a little personal admin may fly on an adult staycation, but when you’re with the family, it’s a good idea to set ground rules so lasting memories aren’t sacrificed for daytime television and loads of washing. Get your list started with these suggestions: no TV, no mobile phones, no working from home, no fighting, and no laundry.

Explore like a tourist

One of the most thrilling aspects of travel is exposing yourself to new discoveries. No day is ever the same, so be sure to break your routine when you’re at home staycationing too. There’s no need to wake a sleeping toddler up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise, but do consider skipping the local park you visit every Saturday for something different such as experiencing the fun of lorikeet feeding at Gold Coast’s Currumbin Sanctuary – it’s free after 4pm!

Activities to get you inspired

This list proves just how infinite the ideas and activities for a family staycation can be. Jot your favourite ones down and add your own plans for a fun-filled holiday break.

  • Cook up a feast. Invite the grandparents over and have kids cook their favourite dishes for their guests.
  • Spend a day at the beach. Instead of your local waves, pack an esky with an easy lunch and drive to a beach you haven’t visited before.
  • Visit the zoo for a safari-inspired adventure. Check in to see if there are feeding times or educational talks you can attend to make the experience even more memorable.
  • Have a movie marathon. Keep this one up your sleeve if the weather turns.
  • Pitch a tent in the backyard for an instant camping experience under the stars.
  • Take the kids to the cricket, soccer, netball, football etc. Have they ever had a chance to see their favourite players in the flesh while thousands of people cheer alongside them?
  • Reacquaint the family with your local museum. Check if there’s a new exhibition on display.
  • Book an overnight hotel stay. Adelaideans have this one down pat! According to, Adelaide is the number one Australian city for a staycation. An overnight hotel stay puts you closer to local food, art, and beaches if you live in outer suburbs.

Don’t forget to relax

Don’t be tempted to overschedule on your staycation. It’s easy to fall prey to this with the added convenience of being in your local area, but remember you’re on a holiday. Leave room for spontaneous discoveries and ideas – you never know what you and the kids will come up with when all you’ve got on your to-do list is sleep in and stay in your pyjamas!