Funeral insurance: Why proper planning is essential

No one likes to think about the end of their life and what that might mean for their loved ones. However, taking steps to prepare, whether that means writing a will or planning your whole funeral, can make a difficult time less stressful for those you care about most. Here's why funeral insurance is an option to consider for every Australian.

Do you know the average cost of a funeral in Australia?

If you haven't made any plans for your funeral, your loved ones may have to organise everything when you pass away — from the coffin, funeral director, burial or cremation plans, flowers, the wake, and much more. On top of that, they may also need to pay for the cost, which can be anywhere from $4,000 up to $15,000.

You work hard your whole life to build a comfortable life for your family, so when you pass away, you may want to make sure they’re not left with the financial cost of paying for your funeral out of their own pocket. At a time when they're dealing with a heavy emotional loss, this can make things even more difficult for them. That's where funeral insurance comes in.

What does funeral insurance actually cover?

Understanding what funeral insurance is and how it can assist toward the financial cost of a death is one reason why many Australians have it. But what does it actually cover?

Depending on the provider you choose, the level of cover and the cost of your premiums will differ. That's why it's helpful to go with a comparison service like Choosi to compare funeral insurance policies from a range of providers.

Generally, funeral insurance available through Choosi will provide:

  • a lump-sum payout once relevant documents are received;
  • for Australians aged 40 to 79 there is guaranteed acceptance;
  • a choice of cover between $3,000 and up to $15,000;
  • money that can be used for other expenses to help ease the financial cost during a difficult time; and
  • a simple application process: no medical or blood tests required.

How funeral insurance can help your family when they need it most

When a family member or loved one passes away, it can be an incredibly emotional and traumatic experience. During a time when they should be mourning, it could be made even more difficult if they were to be left with funeral bills for a coffin, flowers, transport, and other costs.

By getting funeral insurance, you can help your loved ones avoid the potential financial challenge by ensuring they have access to cash when it’s needed for your funeral.

Top considerations about funeral insurance

Not quite sure whether funeral insurance is right for you? Here are some reasons why so many Australians are seeing the value in funeral insurance through Choosi:

  • It's quick and easy to apply
  • A regular payment today could save your loved ones the cost later
  • Your beneficiaries will receive triple the benefit in the case of your accidental death
  • Finding the right policy is made easy, with a free comparison service.

You've worked hard to try building a life for your family that’s as easy and comfortable as possible. Having a funeral insurance policy can help take away the financial burden of a funeral so that your loved ones can focus on grieving their loss instead of worrying about money.

Ready to find funeral insurance that matches your needs? Start comparing policies from a range of different providers with Choosi.