Simple steps to declutter your digital life

Clutter can take over your life if you aren’t careful – which is why regular cleaning and maintenance can do wonders for your mental health and day-to-day enjoyment of your home. But did you know the same is also true of our digital lives? Given we work and socialise on various devices at any given moment, it stands to reason that clutter will eventually build up over time.

So, it’s time to take back control of your digital life with a big clean-up! Here’s tips on how to declutter your digital files, emails, desktop and more that may lead to increased productivity and greater peace of mind.

How to declutter your digital life

According to The Choosi Clutter 2.0 Report 2024, those who engage in regular digital decluttering sessions enjoy a sense of enhanced productivity, especially Gen Z (85%) and millennials (76%). But less than half (45%) of us take to clearing our digital devices at least once per month. Without getting rid of the build-up, it can start to negatively impact other parts of our lives.

“Living in cluttered spaces can increase our stress and anxiety levels, and also impact our productivity,” says Edel Beattie, a professional home organiser. “In recent years with advancements in technology, more and more people are working from home, therefore becoming more aware of the clutter… and the distraction it can be.”

So, how exactly can you make a few simple changes that have a big – and positive – impact on your digital life?

1. Organise your digital files

According to our Choosi Clutter 2.0 Report, many Aussies are turning to deleting unused apps and software (41%), regularly removing unnecessary files (39%), and unsubscribing from email newsletters (38%).

It may be important to set aside some time in the evening or a weekend to begin organising the files on all your devices – it’s one way to make everything easier to find and can be a huge time and stress saver by creating a clear structure for you. For example, you will no longer have to waste time searching through a mess of unnecessary emails and documents.

Having your digital files organised will also help to avoid duplicates and accidental deletions. Plus, it keeps your important documents safe and accessible whenever you need them. By sorting files into folders based on categories or projects, you’ll have an easy-to-navigate, systematic approach to managing your digital space. It’s just like tidying up your physical space – creating order and keeping you focused on what’s important!

2. Start using cloud storage

When you start using cloud storage, you’ll quickly see just how simple it is to declutter your digital life on a regular basis. It frees up space on your devices and keeps your most important files safe from device failures or cyberattacks.

With cloud storage, you can access your files from anywhere if there’s an internet connection, which makes it super convenient for work and personal use. It also means you can collaborate with other people by sharing your files and folders. There are plenty of free and paid platforms to choose from, and most cloud storage services come with automatic backup features to keep your data secure and easily recoverable.

3. Curate your digital consumption

How long has it been since you did a stock take of your digital life? Just like flossing daily, our Choosi Clutter 2.0 Report found that two in three (67%) have adopted digital hygiene practices to boost their productivity, with almost half (45%) taking to clearing their digital devices at least monthly.

It’s simply a process of being more selective about what you consume online, whether that’s social media, subscription services, online gaming or other digital content. By reducing those unnecessary platforms, unfollowing irrelevant accounts and limiting your screen time overall, you’ll begin to declutter your digital life and make positive changes for the future. Not to mention the added bonus of reducing unnecessary payments for those unused platforms and subscriptions.

You may find it also frees up your mental space and gives you time for more meaningful activities in the real world. You’ll avoid information overload and doomscrolling, and instead be able to focus on what matters most. Curating and managing your digital habits can also help you achieve mental clarity by promoting balance and wellbeing. With fewer digital distractions, you’ll hopefully become more productive while forging a healthier relationship with technology.

Declutter equals clarity

Decluttering your digital life can have so many wonderful benefits, including being more present and engaged in your everyday. You can use this time to review any life insurance policies to see if it’s meeting your needs. If you’d like to switch providers or take out a new policy, you can start comparing a range of life insurance policies with Choosi today or call 1300 363 526 to find out more.


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