The Choosi Cost of Love Report 2018

The Choosi Cost of Love Report 2018 The Choosi Cost of Love Report explores the key elements that we take into consideration when planning for a wedding.

The Choosi Cost of Love Report is the ninth instalment in an ongoing national study diving into the key barriers and drivers behind financial and social behaviour in today’s modern society. This chapter explores the key elements of a wedding that we take into consideration when planning for the big day.

From budgets to décor, there’s a lot of detail that goes into planning a wedding. And whilst planning can be costly and chaotic, Aussie couples are finding clever ways to leverage changes in technology, society and personal backgrounds to create a wedding day to remember. So, what does the ‘average’ wedding look like in 2018?

Choosi Cost of Love infographic

The great wedding hack

Once they’ve decided to tie the knot, it’s straight into looking at hacks to keep spending at bay, particularly given that the overwhelming majority of those surveyed (90.7%) agree that the cost is simply too high. Keeping the guest list below 50 (43.7%), hosting the ceremony in a non-traditional venue (30.8%) and even taking charge of making the wedding cake (24.8%), are all cited as top wedding hacks that loved-up couples are using to tackle budget stress and keep costs down.

Creating a picture-perfect wedding

Social media plays a big part in the wedding planning process and this trend is continuing to grow, with three in four (76.0%) of those planning to marry saying they would scroll through social media looking for inspiration, and would likely work these details into their big day (95.0%).

While over half (54.7%) of prospective married couples are likely to choose elements based on how the happy snaps will look on social media, the true meaning and significance behind the wedding day has not been forgotten. And, it’s unsurprising that the sentimental value behind these choices are motivated by a desire to make wedding day memories more enduring (52.9%) and simply add to the joy of the occasion (49.0%).

To tech or not to tech?

The evolution of modern technology has positively impacted our society in many ways, so it’s no wonder Aussie couples are using these developments to their advantage. Close to two thirds of those planning to marry say they would use drone technology to better capture their day. And, for those attending weddings, close to half (46.6%) say they would consider tuning into a wedding via Skype or live stream if they were unable to be there in person.

For some though, tech and weddings don’t mix and many are considering whether or not mobile phones should be included on the guest list. Close to three in five (56.5%) of those who are already married said they had a phone-free wedding ceremony, with nearly two-thirds (63.5%) of this group saying it was important to do so. These choices are driven by a want of intimacy, with over one in five (23.2%) saying they want guests to be respectful and remain focused on the couple as opposed to a phone (22.3).

Bringing cultures together

Cross-culture weddings are also becoming increasingly common in Australia with close to half (45.0%) having attended an inter-cultural ceremony and more than a quarter (27.2%) finding them to be generally more enjoyable. And it’s not just the element of fun that is appealing; just over 80 per cent believe that weaving in heritage is an important personal touch.

Despite the budget considerations and stress, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the wedding planning process. The advantages social media can bring, technological advancements and freedom to incorporate individual cultural backgrounds to truly make it a day - that is unique to the couple, is now easier than ever.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of research that will continue to investigate the key drivers and barriers behind the financial and social behaviour in our modern society, coming soon.