Tech for pets you didn’t know you needed

Pets really do make our lives better. They’re great for companionship and help give us a more positive outlook on life! To top it off, more than half of female pet owners say their pet is more affectionate than their partner!

So how can we return the favour and make our pets’ lives infinitely more fun and entertaining? With technology! Here are four great ways to use tech to make your pet happier and your life easier.

Home camera to keep an eye on your pet 24/7

Long days spent outside with their toys and all the plant life they can sniff may sound like a treat to us owners, but pets can and do get lonely. When left unmanaged, this can manifest in a number of negative ways such as habitual licking (causing sores), incessant barking, and even fence-jumping.

Because no one wants to come home to a depressed pet, you can keep your eye on your furry friend all day long with a 24/7 home camera. Indoor or outdoor, there are hundreds of options on the market. Hook them up to your Wi-Fi and watch what your pets are doing while you’re at work. Some of them even have voice functionality, so you can speak to your pet through the camera whenever you like.

Automatic ball thrower for all-day playtime

Does your pet have nonstop energy? When you throw the ball for them at the park, does your arm get tired faster than they wear themselves out? Then it probably means your pet isn’t getting as much exercise as they need.

For owners who work lots during the week, daily walks and runs often don’t cut it. So make your pet happier and keep their minds and bodies entertained all day with an automatic ball thrower. They’re surprisingly easy to set up and it won’t take long for your furry pal to work out where they need to place the ball for endless throws!

Smart feeder for treats and meals

Got an early start and won’t be back until late at night? Get a smart feeder and you’ll never worry about your pet going hungry again! Depending on what type you get, they’ll dispense treats and even full meals at pre-programmed times of the time. Some devices even respond to your pet ‘asking’ for a treat, usually by pressing a button with their paw or nose. Just make sure your pet can’t go crazy and eat all the treats in one go!

Cooling collar for those hot summer days

No matter where you are around Australia, summer and even spring days can get searing! And while we’re nice and comfortable surrounded by indoor air conditioning, pets that spend a lot of time in the backyard can easily overheat if left unattended - even cats!

In addition to giving your pet access to plenty of fresh water and shade, cooling collars and jackets can make your furry friend more comfortable when outside. Some collars allow you to put them straight into the freezer, while for others, you’ll get packets of special gel to cool or freeze overnight before slipping them into the cooling jacket’s pockets.

Protect your pet even more

Not only will these technological marvels make your pet’s life more enjoyable and safer, they’ll also give you peace of mind that your pet has access to everything they need to continue living their best life.

While you’re thinking about your pet’s wellbeing, it’s also worth considering what would happen if your pet got sick or accidentally injured. Pets can be quite mischievous, so it’s not uncommon for them to do something they shouldn’t and get into all sorts of trouble! Vet bills can be very expensive (often thousands of dollars), but pet insurance can help protect you from those huge bills. Start comparing pet insurance policies today to keep your furry friend in tip top condition.