Is pet insurance right for you?

Is pet insurance right for you and your pet?

We’re well aware of the importance of insuring our homes, our cars, and our own health. But despite the very high rate of pet ownership in Australia, only around 7% of our beloved dogs and cats are covered by pet insurance.

But having pet insurance can assist toward paying for a life-saving operation for your four-legged friend and help ensure you have the money to cover the vet bills for an eligible illness or other specified accidental injury.

Vet bills need to be paid upfront

Vet treatments are always improving. This is great news for you, as it can mean a better quality of life for your pet. It also means that your vet has more ways to save or prolong your precious pet’s life if they get sick or hurt in an accident. The flipside is that better treatment and care can cost more (often thousands of dollars, depending on the treatment).

Do you have the money set aside for a vet bill that could be thousands of dollars? If not, then it may be worth considering pet insurance. A pet insurance policy can help offer the peace of mind from knowing you can give your dog or cat the care they need. In fact, for policies available through Choosi, there are options that provide up to 85% cover for eligible treatments, allowing you to claim up $20,000 per year on vet bills for specified accidental injuries and illness.

Protecting your pet

Your pet is a vital part of your family, giving you unconditional love and companionship, so it could be worth considering pet insurance to go toward your pet getting the treatment they require if they ever needed it. Pet insurance can help go toward the cost of any large vet bills.

There are a number of different pet insurance plans available, and Choosi can help you compare a range of policies from trusted Australian pet insurance brands.