Protecting your pet and your wallet with pet insurance

Whether you have a mischievous feline friend or a scruffy canine companion, the bond we share with our pets is truly magical. As responsible pet owners, though, it's our duty to keep them safe, happy and healthy. So when the unexpected does happen, having pet insurance in place can protect both your pet and your wallet.

What is pet insurance and how does it work?

Think of pet insurance as a financial safety net that covers you for unexpected medical expenses related to your furry friend’s wellbeing. Just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance policies come with different levels of cover, deductibles and premiums.

The bottom line? When your pet has an accident, gets sick or is injured, having pet insurance could help to relieve the financial burden of vet bills and ongoing medical expenses.

Safeguarding your beloved companion: The need for pet insurance

While we all want our furry friends to lead long and healthy lives, the reality is that unforeseen medical emergencies can arise.

From common issues like ear infections and allergies to more serious conditions like fractures and surgeries, the cost of veterinary care can add up quickly. According to the Choosi Pet Lovers Report, nearly two in three (65%) pet owners are willing to spend $1,000 or more to take care of a pet emergency.

So it makes sense to have pet insurance in place to protect your bank balance, making sure your pooch or kitty receives the best care without the added stress of overwhelming expenses.

Choosing the right pet insurance

With so many options to choose from, it can get complicated picking the right policy for your needs, which is why using Choosi for pet insurance could help you find cover from a range of policies.

Not all policies are made equal, and finding one that suits both your pet’s needs and your budget is essential. So when you start comparing policies, keep the following in mind:

  • Coverage options: different policies cover different types of medical expenses – while some may only cover accidents and injuries, others will include preventive care, routine check-ups and sometimes even vaccinations.
  • Deductibles and premiums: just like other types of insurance, you might have to pay an out-of-pocket cost (deductible) before your coverage kicks in. A lower deductible generally comes with higher monthly premiums, and vice versa. Make sure you find a balance that works for your budget.
  • Exclusions and limitations: always read the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Policy Booklets to understand what is and isn’t included within the coverage. Some policies might have breed-specific exclusions or limitations on pre-existing conditions.
  • Waiting periods: some covers may have a waiting period before you can make a claim. Make sure you’re across these times so you know what you can and can’t claim once the policy kicks in.
  • Network of vets: some policies have a network of approved vets, while others will let you visit any licensed vet. Before signing up, check your preferred vet is included in the policy’s network (if there is one).

Getting pet insurance: A step-by-step guide with Choosi

  1. Evaluate your pet's needs: consider your pet's age, breed and any pre-existing conditions. This will help you determine the level of coverage you need.
  2. Research different policies: take advantage of Choosi’s comparison tool to compare a range of various pet insurance policies. Pay close attention to things like premiums, waiting periods and out-of-pocket expenses.
  3. Get personalised quotes: give Choosi your – and your pet’s – information and let us take care of all the heavy lifting. We’ll deliver insurance quotes from a range of policies.
  4. Compare and choose: review the quotes and compare them based on coverage and cost. Choose the policy that matches your pet’s requirements and your budget.
  5. Sign up your pet: once you’ve made your decision, follow the sign-up process with the insurer and rest easy knowing your furry friend has cover!

Is pet insurance worth it?

Our pets rely on us for their ongoing health and wellbeing, and pet insurance is an easy way to make sure you give them what they need.

But the benefits of pet insurance extend well beyond a financial safety net – there’s an incredible peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are financially protected for eligible medical emergencies your pet might face. Pet insurance is there so you don’t have to choose between your pet's health and your financial stability.

Give them the protection they need

Why leave your pet's health to chance? Start comparing pet insurance with Choosi today.


Choosi works with a range of insurers to arrange cover on their behalf, but you should be aware that they don’t work for the entire market. This is general information and doesn’t take into account your personal objectives, financial situation, or needs. You should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) for more information and to ensure the product suits your needs. Terms and conditions apply.