Valentine's Day gifts Romantic or practical?


Valentine’s Day: The central theme for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, a day of celebration for florists everywhere, and the anxiety-inducing gift-a-thon for lovers the world over. Whether it’s a dozen long-stemmed roses or a dozen-string of gourmet sausages, gifts of love are more important on Valentine’s Day than almost any other day of the year.

A quick Google search for ‘Valentine’s Day gift’ brings up over 98 million hits. Clearly we all need a hand finding the perfect gift, so here at Choosi we’ve put together a few ideas for you.

Let romance rule

For many people, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let their romantic side shine. If you really want to make your partner swoon, try one of these romantic gift ideas:

  • organise a special weekend getaway
  • book a couples’ massage… or better still, give them a massage yourself
  • pack a picnic basket filled with their favourite foods at a surprise location

For women:

  • send flowers to her workplace (nothing like a little public display to give her bragging rights)
  • organise a pamper day for a facial and manicure with her best friend
  • find a meaningful piece of jewellery, perhaps with her birthstone set in it

For men:

  • engrave a special pen or other item with a personal message
  • find cufflinks or other men’s item that he would appreciate

The case for practicality

If your partner’s not a diehard romantic and doesn’t appreciate the usual flowers and chocolate, perhaps a practical gift is the way to go. Just because a gift is practical, it doesn’t have to be unromantic – who knows, maybe your lady’s been wanting that Ninja blender for a long time, or a whipper snipper might be just the thing to melt your man’s heart.

Finding the right practical gift is a matter of knowing what your partner needs but may not have had the time or inclination to get themselves, like a gift card at their favourite store for a little splurge, an item they’ve mentioned once or twice, or even (here comes the plug) an insurance plan for their health, life or beloved pet.

There’s a lot to be said for a well-chosen practical gift, provided your partner is the type of person who appreciates something useful over something romantic.

The worst Valentine’s Day gifts

Whether you choose a gift that’s romantic or practical, there are a few things that are wise to steer clear of:

  • A gift that could be misconstrued or insulting. Your partner may have been moaning about those few extra kilos, but giving them a set of weights – while highly practical – may see them thrown back at you.
  • Gifts that have no meaning. As romantic as flowers and champagne may be, your partner may think they’re thoughtless clich├ęs if they don’t appreciate that sort of thing.
  • Anything that looks like it was purchased five minutes before you walked through the door. That dusty box of chocolates on the service station shelf? Leave them where they are.

What’s the worst gift you’ve been given on Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below or head to our Facebook page.

Posted: 11 Feb 2014


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