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Choosi helps you to be Choosi about your pet insurance. Here are articles, news and research related to pets.

09 Oct 2013

Taking care of your pet over the holidays

Many Australians will be busy planning their upcoming holidays – but in all the chaos of going away, make sure you don’t forget about your pet!

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04 Oct 2013

World Animal Day: Treat your pet to the best care

Celebrate Happy Animal Day with your beloved pets - Treat them to the best care with these important tips.

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27 Sep 2013

The pros and cons of having cats and dogs

Looking for the perfect pet but can’t decide between a cat and a dog? Both make great pets, here are some basic things to consider before you choose the right pet for you.

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04 Sep 2013

What vets really think about pet insurance

Is it worth taking out pet insurance? Some vets certainly think so – here’s why.

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