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08 Nov 2014

Why Pet Insurance is important

Pet insurance gives you the means to provide the best care for your pet, when they need it most. Find out how pet insurance could save you money.

07 Feb 2013

Income Protection Insurance Australia - Wide Screen TV

Be Choosi with your Income Protection Insurance in 2013.
Compare. Choose & Apply - for income protection insurance today.

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03 Feb 2013

Income Protection Insurance Australia - Supermarket

This year…you could spend 536 hours debating carbs; 431 hours working out which is the shortest queue; and no time at all thinking about income protection. If you slipped and suffered a serious injury, let Choosi help you with income protection, so you can get back to the big decisions. Choosi. It’s your income. Be Choosi.

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22 Jan 2013

Health Insurance - Babies' Names

Let Choosi help you with Health Insurance, making sure you have the right cover for you and your family.

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14 Feb 2012

A Better Way To Choose Insurance In Australia

Choosing insurance with Choosi is a smart choice. 

We do the shopping around for you, so you can choose the right insurance to suit your needs and your budget.

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14 Feb 2012

What is Income Protection Insurance?

Need to protect your income? If you are sick or injured and off work for an extended period, income protection can help you cover the bills and protect your family’s lifestyle.

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14 Feb 2012

Funeral Insurance - Overview

Thinking about funeral insurance? Find out here how it can give your family the financial help they need, when they need it most.

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